Bauer Prodigy Youth Chest Protector Size SM/M

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Bauer Prodigy Youth Chest Protector Size Small-Medium

The Bauer Prodigy 2.0 Goalie Chest Protector uses light weight materials and smart, youth specific construction to produce a chest pad that is perfect for beginner goalies looking to start their careers off right.

The exterior of the Prodigy 2.0 chest protector is lined with a durable nylon material for durability and the inner lining is made from a a mesh material able to wick away moisture. Medium and low density foams are used for protection, as well as dampening shots for better rebound control.

Bauer's included various adjustment features that help ensure a comfortable and safe fit. Adjustment features include arm length adjustments, wrist and elbow elastic strapping, 2" VELCRO® belly straps, and one nylon shoulder strap.

The Bauer Prodigy 2.0 goalie chest protector is a fantastic option for youth goaltenders playing at beginner level competition. With its adjustable arm length that allows goalies to grow with it, this chest protector is an amazing value.

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