Bauer Prodigy Youth Glove

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Brand New Bauer Prodigy Youth Glove

Specifically designed for the young goalie looking to get in the game and improve their basic form, the Bauer Prodigy 2.0 goal line makes learning to get dressed easy and simple! The catching glove utilizes a basic, lightweight design to help orient young prodigies into the larger goal gear!

Designed specifically for the smaller hands of younger goalies, the Prodigy 2.0 goal glove offers great protection while slimming down the palm padding to allow for easy closure and minimal break-in time. The glove is designed around a natural style break with a large pocket, creating maximum coverage in net. An additional adjustable wrist strap allows for a precise, snug fit on nearly any hand size.

For the young goalie looking to get in the game, and learn the ropes, the Prodigy is quite possibly the best choice out there!

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