Bauer Supreme S140 Youth Ice Hockey Skates 10R

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Heat Moldable: No Improves break-in time.
Holder: Tuuk Lightspeed Pro Type of skate blade holder.
Runner: Tuuk Stainless Steel Type of skate blade.
Tongue Material: Felt Type of material and design of the tongue.
Liner: Microfiber Type of inner liner material.
Footbed: Shaped EVA Type/Brand of footbed in each boot.
Warranty: Boot: 90 Days - Holder: 365 Days - Runner: 90 Days Period of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.

The new Bauer S140 hockey skate is an excellent entry level choice for players looking for a close fitting hockey skate. The Supreme's anatomical fit profile provides ample heel lock and support to ensure you have a solid foundation. The MIcrofiber liner and comfort foam ankle pads help keep the skate comfortable enough for anyone, even if you're only wearing skates a few times a year.

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