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Weight: 46 Grams Weight of a single elbow pad measured in grams (Med).
# of Pieces: 2 Number of flex points designed into the product.
Cap: Plush Elbow Donut Type of protective cap.
Liner: Anti-Microbial Type of inner liner material.
# of Straps: 2 Number of straps used to keep the product in place during use.
Bicep: Floating Bicep Protection Type of design and/or protective padding covering the bicep.
Forearm: Molded EVA Type of design and/or protective padding covering the forearm.


If you are making more natural movements on the rink, chances are that you are playing at the top of your game. Pads can be very restricting and can take away an wiggle room that you may need. This was all true until the Easton Mako line of protective equipment arrived.

Slap shots or high-risk dekes can now be made without feeling restricted with the floating bicep guard, which feels like an entirely separate pad when attached to your arm. Attached only at the base, the bicep guard moves the direction your upper arm moves, while the rest of the elbow pad moves with your elbow and lower arm.

Internally, the elbow cap features a soft, molded cushion pad that secures your elbow while keeping it comfortable and responsive.

The 2-piece caps, along with the anatomically correct flex point, make it easy to quickly reposition your arm for those quick decisions.

Molded forearm protection and molded EVA elbow tips round out the Mako Elbow Pads, protecting you from the rigors of the game. Just because the pad keeps you mobile doesn't mean you can't receive full protection.

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