CCM Tacks 2052 Senior Ice Hockey Skates 6D

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*Abbreviations (D) width size


Heat Moldable: Yes Improves break-in time.
Holder: SpeedBlade Pro Type of skate blade holder.
Runner: SpeedBlade Stainless Steel Type of skate blade.
Tongue Material: 5mm High Density Felt Type of material and design of the tongue.
Boot Construction: Nylon AttackFrame™ Type of material the product is primarily made of.
Liner: Brushed Nylon Type of inner liner material.
Outsole Construction: Low Profile Injected Type of material the outsole is made of.
Footbed: CCM Standard Type/Brand of footbed in each boot.
Warranty: 90 Days Period of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.

The CCM Tacks 2052 skates are the entry level model in the Tacks skate line from CCM. They are engineered for the beginning or recreational skater who isn't putting too much wear and tear on their skates. The skates have a sublimated design to replicate the AttackFrame design on the high-end Tacks skates. The brushed nylon liner and 5mm high density fel tongue are implemented so that you have a comfortable fit for the life of your skate, and CCM's SpeedBlade 4.0 holder is 4mm taller which eventually translates to up to a 10% better turning radius on all turns!

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